Neck’Halla Job News!

BDazzle has been appointed editor of Neckerchief Valhalla. His duties will involve:

  • Drinking on the job
  • Carousing with the interns
  • Locating, traveling to and facilitating the photography of Neckerchiefs in their natural habitat
  • Drinking on the job
  • Procuring berries, honey, yeast and other ingredients for which the office vikings can make mead
  • Drinking mead on the job

In celebration, I have released one Neckerchief into the wild…

Go forth, young stallion! Go forth!


~ by Rob on November 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “Neck’Halla Job News!”

  1. Please note the towel-as-neckerchief’d gentleman on the far right of the picture. While the idea says “Niiiiice,” the execution says “Poor showing! Think about your mistakes for eternity… in Neckerchief Niflheimr“.

  2. i like how everybody’s trying to be an “individual,” but they all look the same…
    like robots…

  3. That’s Pitchfork for ya! That said, it’s just human nature to want to fit in. Plus, it’s warm out, so tshirts are the way to go. Maybe not with neckerchiefs on a warm day, but what can you do?!

  4. Stupid sunglasses seem to go with neckerchiefs but neckerchiefs do not require them.

  5. OH MY GOD!
    i totally want to hang out with these people.

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