Ode To The Discarded Neckerchief

Once you were a part of someone

tied tightly, cowboy style, to the neck

of a hipster.  Or cowboy.  In Milwaukee. 

Now. No more.  You are flotsam.  Or jetsam?

No, you are neither.  You were never on the ocean,

gliding through salty waters, an adornment cast away

like a Hartford Whalers Starter jacket. 


-Many thanks to Kerith for the awesome pic! 


~ by Rob on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Ode To The Discarded Neckerchief”

  1. that’s the most beautiful poem i’ve ever heard,
    after all the po-ems rachel has written.

  2. hey! thanks!

    that was very beautiful and i hope that neckerchief returns itself to its owner.

    (why didn’t i find this blog before? i love it! and i love neckerchiefs! i’m a supporter!)

  3. I love neckerchiefs, too. Any abandoned or discarded neckerchief will find a home with me and be treasured. Too bad the Boy Scouts are discarding the neckerchiefs they used to wear so proudly. I have taken in cartons of them and treasure each and every one of them.

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