Neckerchief “Rockstars”

Nothing quite complements both rocking and rolling (and select rapping) more than a well-placed Neckerchief.

Just ask this guy…  a Brooklynite enjoying Simian Mobile Disco “in his own special way.” 

(Thanks Butter Team)

Quick List of musicians and the kercheifs that tickle their vocal chords… (I’ll add more as I find them)

10. Kanye West

9. Justin Timberlake

8.  Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin

Believe it or not, Rolling Stone ran some sort of promotion like… guess who the hell on our front cover is going to wear a neckerchief.  Check it.

7. Pharell Williams

6. Roughly Half the Music Scene of Ottawa, Canada


4.  Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal

and MORE to come…


~ by BDazzle on February 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Neckerchief “Rockstars””

  1. canadians are funny.

    kevin barnes is my dream man!
    that eye makeup is beautiful.
    i need to find a boy that will put my makeup on for me.
    i choose him.

    led zeppelin getting old is gay.

  2. Gahhh!

    I had a bead on the most awesomely-bad poserton on the bus yesterday – I’m talkin border-line-highlighter-bright colors, faux-80’s big white sunglasses, “looks like the barber slipped” haircut and bold, brash, loud-as-fuck “look at me!” attitude to spare.

    But he and his “wish I was as cool as you” friends were all standing far too close for me to get a ninjatastic cell phone photo!

    But don’t worry. As we squeezed past them to get off the bus, I cupped his nut sack.

  3. Hi! What’s the name of the scarf Pharrell Williams is wearing here?

  4. I don’t know the name (hell, I just stole the picture), but it appears to be a black Louis Vuitton, similar in pattern to this one:

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