Valhalla (Old Norse Valhöll, “Hall of the Slain”) is Odin‘s hall in Norse mythology, located in Gladsheim and is the home for those slain gloriously in battle (known as Einherjar) who are welcomed by Bragi and escorted to Valhalla by the valkyries.

Did you know Odin wore a neckerchief every single day?  Did you know that most neckerchiefs contain a non-lethal dose of arsenic?  Would you happen to know how many neckerchiefs have been worn in the commission of a crime? The answers to these questions and many others you also never considered await you in Neckerchief Valhalla, the only blog solely dedicated to celebrating the only 4-season fashion accessory! 

Neckerchief Valhalla is written in the Valhalla Public Library. 

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