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Iconic fashion blog Sartorialist posted this gem last week:



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If any of y’all are in Chicago this weekend, I’d highly recommend checking out the “DIY Plush” Custom Exhibit and Launch party at the Rotofugi gallery.  Not only to witness the creative will of dozens of artists focussing soley on decorating and adorable plush toy blank-canvas Plushforms , but because I assure you there will be plenty of neckercheifs to observe.

I must mention that one specific guest artists, Chicago’s Emily Cunningham, will be present, and most definitely has drawn pictures of herself in neckercheifs, though not on her new website Www.EmilyCunningham.Com


Infinite (Seven) Ways to Tie a Neckerchief

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Brooks Brothers (ahem, womens section) has a Flashed-out site on how to tie neckerchiefs.  Very slick, very fashionable.  Here’s some choices you have:

  •  The French Twist
  •  The Square Knot
  •  The Neck Ring
  •  The Neck Wrap
  • The Slip Knot
  •  The Knotted Belt
  •  The Head Wrap

of course… WE all know there are way more ways to wear neck flair:

  •  The Boss
  •  The Bandit
  •  The Rope Roll


I can’t think of any others off the top of my head, but feel free to send submissions.


The “Neckrope”

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One of the places I always first for new local neckerchief fodder is The Midwasteland.  They never dissapoint.  In fact, I think Monica’s actually feeding me some of these now.  She seems almost apologetic about being such a neckerchief fanatic.

Check it:


I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick of that neckerchief trend that people are stillll trying to pull off.

OK, fine, I won’t lie, I still do it at least once a week, BUT that’s only because it’s been my thing since before it was a thing and I have like 300.

So, when I saw the boy below with the sort of rolled up scarf necklace, I instantly had to go over and see it for myself, he told me he took the idea from the runway. Now, I’m stealing it from him, and sharing it with you! I figured all you scarf-wearing-hipsters and [scarf] aficionados might appreciate it.

What do you think? New trend??? I hope so!

Scarf Aficionados!  That’s us!  W00t!

Neckerchief “Rockstars”

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Nothing quite complements both rocking and rolling (and select rapping) more than a well-placed Neckerchief.

Just ask this guy…  a Brooklynite enjoying Simian Mobile Disco “in his own special way.” 

(Thanks Butter Team)

Quick List of musicians and the kercheifs that tickle their vocal chords… (I’ll add more as I find them)

10. Kanye West

9. Justin Timberlake

8.  Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin

Believe it or not, Rolling Stone ran some sort of promotion like… guess who the hell on our front cover is going to wear a neckerchief.  Check it.

7. Pharell Williams

6. Roughly Half the Music Scene of Ottawa, Canada


4.  Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal

and MORE to come…

Holy Shining Citadel Batman!

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My cape was snagged on a fence for the past three months, so pardon the tranquilness of the blog.

After successfully tearing the yellow satin cape I traditionally wear on Wednesdays from the construction fence for a brand new Church’s Chicken, I busked just enough money to pay for a bus ride back to my house so I can present you with…  CATS IN NECKERCHIEFS!!!


Neither Sleet, Nor Snow, Nor Looking Like a Psychedlic Bandit…

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…will stop kids in Chicago from wearing neckerchiefs… There’s always a healthy supply of them over at The Mid Wasteland— an aptly named Chitown fashion blog:




The cossack is a nice touch… were there Russian vikings? There should’ve been.



When wearing accessories, make sure they match. Notice: unnecessary neckerchief perfectly complements unnecessary glasses.



All kinds of awesome, actually. For some reason, the gals can pull it off better than the boys.
previous statement retracted.





Timeless, be-golded nape flair.

whew. That’s enough for today.

(editorial note: Rob will be able to cover the many kercheifs that have pillaged their way up the Lake Michigan coastline to Milwaukee. That’s right — we’re setting up franchises. I only hope I can hold down the fort here in Chicago.)